Nice to meet you, I’m Canaan Collins

I am a passionate web developer, experienced in developing websites, e-Commerce stores for Shopify, and optimizing the flow of your website for better viewer retention and customer satisfaction!

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Canaan Collins | Freelance Web Developer
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How I became a freelancer

Realizing the demand for eCommerce store presence, I started reaching out to individuals and offering my services so they can have a foothold in the ever changing world of eCommerce. The platform that offered the most user-friendly experience for BOTH developer and store owner was without-a-doubt Shopify, which is where I usually create stores for clients, while also teaching them how to use the platform itself. This way, they do not have to depend on a developer for every little change they want to make.

/ My Story

How I started as a web developer

Born in Memphis, TN, I have lived in 7 different states within the US. After attending Mississippi College, I began working as a front end developer with a specialty in the Shopify platform. I like to optimize Search Engines, boost Conversion Rates, and create Shopify stores for my clients, or even migrate them from a different platform. I also offer general web developer services as well.

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